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To Our Newest Students.


Let me be the first to congratulate you on your selection to attend the LPTC's Corporate Combat Leaders Course-Basic (CCLC-B). Your selection to attend our training indicates that your organization has placed a great deal of confidence in your potential to serve in positions of increased responsibility. The mission of the CCLC-B is to provide exceptional training to all qualified promising leaders. You're about to begin the most memorable four days of leadership training you'll ever have.


For most of you, this unique training will begin with you feeling a bit apprehensive and certainly uncomfortable with your surroundings. That's normal, and very intentional on our part. There will be no falling asleep during our training in this very distinctive learning environment.


To alleviate some of your fears, let me say that this is not a boot camp or a paint ball game or a survival school. If you can walk the length of two football fields and back, you're in great shape for the training. We are here to help you become the best leader you can be. The true work-outs you'll be getting are the mental challenges of decision making and problem solving. Throughout the next couple of days it will become apparent to you that the training vehicle we use is perfect for leadership. Believe it or not... you will come to enjoy your four days of outdoor leadership training with us.


Your first day will be the most difficult for you. You're out of your comfort zone and getting all kinds of different inputs within a short period of time. The best advice I offer is to relax and enjoy your new lifestyle change. Everyone here at the LPTC is here to help you. If you're not sure of something... just ask one of the staff. They'll be happy to help you.


Once again, welcome to the CCLC-B and the best leadership learning experience you'll ever have.




Richard Riley


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