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Proof that LPTC Works

No one can say it better than the folks that went through the training. I can tell you it's the best leadership training you'll ever get.  But let's have the LPTC students convince you.  They do it better than me anyhow.​ The testimonial video is 16 minutes and features 7 graduates.  It may take a minute to up load. It's good stuff... really!


“ We try to do team building at the office, but this took that to a whole new level.  It got everybody in the organization involved.  There are guys that normally don't get a chance to lead.  And they were put into kind of a pressure cooker.  And they got stretched.  This was a hands on opportunity that we won't forget.  This is an awesome experience."

 Jack Gregory


“ We have some momentum as a team that we can take back to the office.  Plus, the bonding and togetherness that was built out here, we'll be able to carry that back as well.  This training breaks down the bureaucracy.  Everyone is on a level playing field. And you get a chance for everyone to be a leader, and you can see some really cool things happen.”​

Kevin Korhorn


 Very effective to lift the right people up.  You could see some of their strengths and weaknesses that you could pick up at the office, you could see it real time right here.  Team building wasn't emphasized beforehand but we got a ton.  We are not going to be the same when we get back.”

Eric Miller


 "It was laid out perfectly.  In the beginning we learned how to work together as a team, communicate as a team.  After that you started throwing things at us little by little where we had to start reacting on our feet.  Instead of having everything planned out in the beginning and just going to do it.  We had to change those up as situations arose.  There where different things that happened, we had to decide what going on, how we're going to address that and carry that out.”​
David Atkinson

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