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About Us



The LPTC Staff is made up of highly movitated individuals that have wide ranging backgrounds in public safety, the corporate world and the military.  All have proven to be effective leaders in their own right.  All have done things and accomplished missions that most people only read about.  But most importantly they are eager and able to effetively transfer their leadership knowledge and experience to others.  They take their responsibility as the trainers of our future leaders both professionally and personally.


Our staff is dedicated to having our graduates mentally tough, adaptive and agile, sef-confident, and a motivatior of people. We want our graduates to demonstrate a mastery of the fundamentals of leadership (taking care of your people), team building (it takes everybody), decision making process (getting feedback), and team leading procedures (follow me).



We've replaced the sterile classroom environment with dynamic, hands on, real life situations.  Students are confronted with real situations that provide many possible solutions.  After analyzing choices, making a decision, and taking action, they then see the consequences of their decisions.

People must actually experience the interaction of live situations to learn what works best for them.  What makes performance-oriented learning more powerful is that it takes place on three different levels.  It is emotionally, physically, and intellectually challeging at the same time.  The CCLC is designed to demand more from students.  The idea is to find strength and weakness, to take a good hard look at it and then make the improvements.



Leadership has to be developed through experience. This means tough, hard, time consuming work.  Current business leadership training is either the typical seminar or the classroom type.  At the LPTC our cornerstone is experiential or performance-oriented learning. You've got to get out front of your people and lead.  It's no secret that performance-oriented programs make learning more powerful.  You can watch videos of other people being leaders. But until you do it, experience it, and feel it, you'll never really become a leader.  Leading isn't easy but the rewards for great leadership are well worth it... for everyone.




Our training strategy provides the following advantages over traditional methods:


  • Risk free opportunities to take acions and test strengths in design and implementation of the students own plans.

  • The ability for us to compress or expand time and space, add new data, introduce complications or eliminate them as experince dictates.

  • Stopping the actions to change course or to point out interesting behaviors, and to tie actions into the leadership principles.

  • The use of the After Action Review.  AAR's provide imediate feedback for each team element.  AAR's provide impartial feedback, that encouraged interaction and discussion of team strenghts and weaknesses by all the the team members.


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